Monday, January 10, 2011

Who's That What? Monday January 10th

Identify The Character. Email me. Win a Picture.

The Rules

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Hello Everyone!


Thursday's was The Aerialbots (Noble-but-Fearful Silverbolt, Skilled-but-Studious Skydive, Dangerous-but-Daydreamy Fireflight, Weak-yet-Bragging Slingshot and Strong-yet-Impulsive Air Raid) and their combined form Superion, lumbering behind them.
From The Transformers, ofcourse.

Well done to Luke, who named everyone and lamented Silverbolt's explanation for vertigo.
Because, as we all know, things that fly at low altitudes naturally get height phobia.
Like birds.
And airline pilots.

Also bonus mentions for Kat, who identified every member's Voice Actors; Simon, who recalls a story where turncoat Jetfire lies to Optimus Prime about the Aerialbots being psychiatrist-cases; and Niall, who was expecting Jimbo and The Jet Set.

- David

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So here's Today's:
Difficulty: 1 Out Of 5
Inventor of Blu-Tack

Every time someone uses the word ‘mincemeat’, he gets 25p

Remember, you don't have to be first email in to win!
Just include an interesting fact, to make me love you most!

Go On. Email. Get Cracking.

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