Sunday, December 26, 2010

Figures & Things

Hello Chaps. I'm currently at my parents' house.

At University, I collected a lot of toys. Mostly gifts to put on shelves. (Not Counting The Kajillion Transformers). Except now, they have to go.

Considering I am only briefly at my parents', I am going to throw these out if I can't find homes for these.

This is essentially clearing, so if you like any of these characters, and would like to have them peering down at you from a shelf, suspectly, go for it.

If you're interested in any of these, Email me at, and pop a quid or two in the donate button.

Sorry they're not all in great condition. And some don't have photos. Boo. Internets.

Heh. University.
- David

- - -

Marvel Select She Hulk Diorama - SOLD
Marvel Select Dr Doom Diorama (Very, Very Cool) - SOLD
Marvel Legends Man-Thing - SOLD
Marvel Legends Classic Iron Man
Marvel Legends Luke Cage - SOLD
Marvel Legends Classic Cyclops
Creepy Movie Mr. Fantastic (With extra long, squidgy limbs)
Age of Apocalypse Morph (Will. Give. You. Nightmares)
New Mutants Magik (With One-Winged Lockheed)
New Mutants Warlock (With Detachable Face!)
Wind-Up Wolverine (He Goes Crazy!) - SOLD

Decidedly Lilac Dumbledore
Leather-Clad Moody
Creepy Hollow-Plastic Riveted Hagrid

Tetsuo (Only Tetacle Arm, Broken at shoulder, but still connects) - SOLD
Kaneda On Bike - SOLD
Mcfarlane Vash (No Gun Arm) - SOLD
Sort Of Wolfwood (This is a beautiful figure, but he's missing an arm and little guns and extra head. Shame. Only listing him here cause he's right in front of me) - SOLD
Guilty Gear Slayer Gatcha Figure - SOLD
Incredibly Wrong Guilty Gear Bridget Gatcha Figure - SOLD
A Tiny Charizard - SOLD
A Tiny Mewtwo - SOLD
Squall Figure
Zell Figure

Penguin Diorama (With Rubber Ducky!)
Morpheus / Dream with Matthew - SOLD
Sir Bedevere (Broken Sword, Plume On Helmet) - SOLD
Giles (Has Stand, Axe, Bag, and Cross-Dagger but no Cross) - SOLD
Frank N' Furter (CREEPY) - SOLD

I have loads of these, especially newer ones. If you have specific needs for newer Transformers, poke me. Here are some Original ones collectors and passionates may want.
PowerMaster Optimus Prime (Doesn't have Hi-Q, Prime's Guns. Has Shoulder Cannons though)
Another Bumblebee!
Grimlock (No accessories) - Home Found!
Ultra Magnus (Just trailer, cab, and head. Was my favourite as a kid.)
Grapple (No hands or Weapons. Was my very first. Hee)
Starscream (No Hands or Guns)
Skywarp (No Hands or Guns)
Soundwave (No Weapons)

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