Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Doctor Who's That What? Wednesday 5th October

Identify The Character. Email me. Win a Picture.

The Rules

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Hello Everyone!

Updating Regularly Monday & Friday, For Now.
Special Posts on Wednesdays.

Wednesday's, for now, in an attempt to do something different, will be Doctor Who's That What? Focussing on guessing / suggesting characters from The BBC's Old Man In A Box series, and various tentatively linked other shows (Hitch-Hiker's Guide, Blake's 7, Casanova... you get it).

An early quicky, as I have no 'webs at all at home.
Also, apologies for quality of scans. I'm on a new laptop, with none of my old kit. Will try and rememdey this... once I've moved house. Hmm. Timing.

Last Week's was Auton Centutrion Rory! Well done to Tom, who gave me such a complete list of "partial Rory deaths", there's some on there I hadn't even considered, and I was up to two hands already.

- David

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So here's Today's:
Difficulty: 4 Out Of 5
Easy Clown, Harder Companion

If I'd thought, I would have drawn his awesome blue costume from that 2002 web serial.

Go On. Email. Get Cracking.

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