Well. How do we start?

My name is David, which is a lot less common than Dave, which is nice.

I spent 23 years growing up-and-over in the dismal suburban Beefeater-and-Harvester wastelands of South Wales. During these highly pampered and ambition-throttling times I pleaded with reality to give me a foot up and a kick out the door. Reality gave me yesteryear's Pop Culture. I would have complained but Reality didn't notice he'd left all his Doors records in there.

Ha. Reality's a tool.

Right. Lets try that again. I'm David. I'm an amateur artist living in Oxford, England. I am a horrid pop-culture man-child.

In my Blog, I will talk about many things. Here's a run down of some of The Things To Come:

Who's That What? is a daily competition I originally ran on my Livejournal account. It goes like this:
  • I draw someone from Pop Culture. From a comic, TV, cartoon, film, book, a singer. Whatever.
  • You recognise them.
  • You send me an email (Not a comment) with Who They Are, What They're From, and An Interesting Fact About The Character.
  • You also put down Someone You want Me To Draw.
  • I choose a winner. I draw your choice for the next week.
There's slightly more to it, but you can see all that on it's page.
It will update on Weekdays.
On Weekends, I will post Bonus Who's That What. It's modestly different to regular Who's That What. And slightly mintier.

My Tragic Little Life is me talking about hilariously horrid things that happen to me. I live my life on Nightmare difficulty, so this should be quite amusing.

Ornithocracy is my overtly pretentious roleplay / fantasy setting. It centers around the dreaming spirits of birds stealing human emotion from their slumbering minds in order to power their colossal dream empires. Yes. Pretentious.

I will add more categories as they happen.

But for now, go crazy.