Who's That What?

What is Who's That What?

Who's That What? is a Daily drawing challenge / competition I subject myself to. You should see some entries of it on the front page. Right there. Just sitting there. You know, those mediocre sketches of that guy from that one anime. Or maybe that obscure thing from 2000AD. But it doesn't have to be.

How does it work?

It's quite easy.

1) Firstly, identify the person in the picture. I'll give a clue to where in Pop Culture Land they're from and an estimated (and highly off) difficulty for the guy.

2) Comment if you like. Respect that other people are trying to guess too.

3) Send an email to davoul dot mumford at gmail dot com
In that email, you should contain the following:
  • Who It Is
  • What They Are From
  • An Interesting Fact About The Character
  • A Suggestion As To Who I Should Draw Next
4) Wait. Patience is cool. Cool like Judd Nelson.

5) All entrants will be emailed. Cause I like talking like that.

6) The Identity of Who's That What? will be posted just before the next day's Who's That What?
This will contain the Winner's name as well.

7) Your suggestion, if you won, will be added to The List.
If you didn't win, but I really liked your suggestion, it may be added to The Other List.

What is The List?

The List is all the upcoming pictures I have to draw. No, you can't see it. Sorry.

What is The Other List?

The Other List is all the suggestions I really liked from entrants who didn't win. It is this list that will be utilized for Bonus Who's That What on Weekends. Not anymore, I'm afraid. Now I just draw winners every day. Boo. A-Boo.

Do I have to be the first correct entrant to win?

No. Oh heck no.
It used to be, but then I decided that was not fair.

If I win, can I ask for anything?

Sort of.
  • The Character must be from something Pop Culture-y. They can be obscure as you want, but try to choose someone that other people will be able to recognize.
  • Don't expect a masterpiece. The picture should take me at most two hours.
  • Don't ask me to draw your own character from roleplay, or LRP, or fanfic, or a friend's from the same. Pop Culture. It's pretty huge already. Part of the fun is guessing who it is and testing my "5k1llz". Not just winning.
Can I choose someone super obvious? Like Superman?

Sure! It just means there'll be a tighter struggle for the winner!
Hurr. Tighter.

Can I choose a Singer or band member?

Yes. I see bands as part of Pop Culture. Just make sure it's someone visually striking.

Can I choose an actor or comedian?

Sort of. If it's an actor as someone, hell yes. Like Tim Curry as The Lord of Darkness, or as Franbk N Furter. But plain old drab Tim Curry is not half as cool. Poor drab Tim Curry.

Comedians / Celebrities, as long as they are visually striking or characters in and of themselves, yes. Like Reeves & Mortimer, The Mighty Boosh, Morcambe & Wise.

Can I enter on a character I chose? So I always win? FOREVER?

Just. Just Think. No. Seriously.

So, ignoring all the hyperbole, this is a way for me to get a free picture of my favourite character?

Yes. Pretty Sweet, yeah?

Anything Else?

Yeah. If you happen to be a x000th viewer (like 2000th, or 3000th, etc), screencap the screen and send it to me. You'll get a super funtimes prize picture!

That is kind of sweet.

I know right?