Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bonus Who's That What? Sunday 10th October

Identify The Character. Email me. Win a Picture.

The Rules (Updated)

Well Done to Richard, who successfully identified Marvel UK's Death's Head, Freelance Peacekeeping Agent and scourge of both Transformers and Time Lords!

- - -

So here's Today's:
Difficulty: 3 Out Of 5

70's Localized Anime. Cartoon. Thing.

Remember, you don't have to be first email in to win!
Just include an interesting fact, to make me love you most!

Go On. Email. Get Cracking.


  1. I did recognise him, just couldn't remember the name, or what the series what called (although I do remember it had more than one name. Was it G-Force as well?)

  2. Yeah, it was G-Force, Gatchaman, EagleRiders, but on The BBC it was BATTLE OF THE PLANETS.