Friday, January 28, 2011

The Deal

Hello Everyone!

Sorry for the lack of post today. I slept something like seventeen hours. It wasn't very nice. I feel terrible, and only have my dreary front room to grace me for twelve hours now. Yay. Boo.

For people that don't know, considering I use Ink Mumblings here as just a place for Who'sThatWhat? rather than a personal Blog, I suffer from suicidal depression, and it really sucks.

Every so often I just don't want to. Like, anything. I just don't want to do it. And sometimes my body's in charge of doing that rather than my head. Which really sucks.

One of the things I'm currently not doing is chasing up my Sick Pay, that has not arrived since November, leaving me penniless and behind rent. Which really sucks. Please also bear in mind that this sick note states that "David is unable to deal with people", which double sucks because that means I'm not only unfit for employment, but also unfit to deal with freakin' incapacity benefit as it involves dealing with a heck a lot of people especially when it's screwed up. Boing!

So yeah. Rant over. Today just didn't happen. But look over there! Is that 99 Who's That What posts? I think it might be! Although I'm sure one of them at least is just a reminder on buying pictures, I still count it. So the next one, Saturday, I'm going to make extra special.

Talking of pictures, just a reminder: although I can't accept money for pictures directly, I'm more than happy to give away previous pictures along with money for donations, considering, as stated above, I do this every day with no sort of income. Pop me an email if you're interested,a s at least ten or so pictures are long gone by now. This isn;'t me fishing for cash, this is just reminding that you can own these!

See you soon,

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