Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Who's That What? Tuesday January 18th

Identify The Character. Email me. Win a Picture.

The Rules

- - -

Hello Everyone!

Going to keep Sunday's open until someone gets it. Someone.

Monday's was Hawkeye, BJ & Radar from legendary, and still kinda funny comedy,
I-swear-it's-Korea-guys-and-not-a-social-satire-on-'Nam-I-mean-why-would you-say-that,

Well done to Mark, who identified everyone & reminded me of weekday nights being moderately bored watching TV & avoiding my AS-Level revision.

- David

- - -

So here's Today's:
Difficulty: 2 Out Of 5
British Sci Fi Scoundrel

We are not going to be great.
We are not going to be amazing.
We are going to be amazingly amazing!

Remember, you don't have to be first email in to win!
Just include an interesting fact, to make me love you most!

Go On. Email. Get Cracking.

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