Monday, January 24, 2011

Who's That What? Monday January 24th

Identify The Character. Email me. Win a Picture.

The Rules

- - -

Hello Everyone!

Sunday's was Ged, also known as Sparrowhawk, Master Wizard and Hero of Ursula Leguin's Earthsea

Big thanks to everyone who congratulated me on the picture. I was well proud of it too.

Well done to Hannah, who really does seem to like Dragons. And cool fantasy names.

- David

- - -

So here's Today's:
Difficulty: 3 Out Of 5
Video Game Recurring Spirit / God / Aide Thing

Has 1,100,000 HP

Remember, you don't have to be first email in to win!
Just include an interesting fact, to make me love you most!

Go On. Email. Get Cracking.

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